Hey everyone, Just a quick note about the release date of Episode 4: The Bermuda Triangle. We recorded the episode last night and when we got to the editing portion, we realized that my half of the conversation was all messed up. The audio quality was almost unbearable. I’ve since then corrected the issue. We […]

For security, we have blocked the ability to register as a user on the website. We were getting too many bots containing malware to keep it open.  You can still comment and engage in our posts, but you’ll have to manually enter your information rather than logging in. Sorry for any inconvenience.

Hey everyone! It’s Austin here with this week’s weekly wrap up. Part one of our discussion about digital currency and it’s viability as a world currency was released last Monday. This was a very difficult topic for us to tackle, but I’m please with the finished product. I think that my initial reservations stemmed from […]

Hey everyone! It Austin here with another weekly wrap-up. We didn’t have an episode this week, so I’m going to keep this entry short and sweet. Keep an eye out for out next episode about bitcoin and digital currency. The plan is to release that on Monday, September 4th. I do want to take a […]

Hey listeners! It’s Austin here with my weekly wrap-up thoughts. All-in-all I believe that our launch week has been a success! The amount of support we have received from friends and family has been very moving to Jon and me. We can’t begin to thank you enough for taking time out of your days to […]

Hello everyone!   I thought I would give a little update! The first episode is complete! I’m quite happy with how well it went! Aside from a few small issues with equipment before we started, everything went smoothly! All of our hosting is set up, website is ready to go, cover art is finished (just […]

Welcome to the Think on this website! We are currently setting up the podcast and will have our first episode posted in the near future! Be sure to check back!

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