Welcome to Think on This podcast!


This is a variety show. We like to learn. On this show, we talk about everything from science to skydiving. We like to learn and speculate on anything that we find interesting. We do this a lot in our private lives and decided to turn it into a show that we can share with the rest of the world!

Photo of JonHost: Jon Montgomery,

I was born and raised in Evansville, Indiana. I currently reside in a neighboring town just a few miles from there with my wonderful wife, my baby boy, and our pets. I drive a truck for Coca- Cola for my full time job.

My hobbies include playing various instruments, golf (when I can, but I’m not good) podcasting, and a little bit of software/video game programming.

We are very excited about this podcast and look forward to learning, discussing, and opening our minds to new and interesting topics! We hope that you will find the show as enlightening as we do!

Photo of Austin

Co-Host: Austin Bradford

I’m a home grown Indiana boy who now resides in Louisville, Kentucky with my beautiful wife and dog who is more trouble than he is worth.

My free time is typically spent nerding out to the newest video game technology or binge watching the latest Netflix original. I currently work in the retail industry but my interests and hobbies extend much further.

That is why Jon and I have started this podcast. To give us an excuse to learn from people far smarter than we are and explore new avenues. Also, to bring whoever is interested along for the ride!

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