The Bermuda Triangle – Events, Theories and Speculation. ToT#004

Written by on September 21, 2017

The Bermuda triangle has long been a hot topic for many speculators. In this episode, we cover some of the disappearances, some scientific theories, and then some of the more ridiculous theories. Whether or not you believe the Bermuda Triangle is actually something to be concerned with, it is definitely a topic that is fun to discuss and speculate on!

  1. Where is the Bermuda Triangle?
    1. The exact size of the triangle varies from source to source.
      In 1964 Vincent Gaddis wrote that the Bermuda triangle ranges from Miami, to Bermuda, and Puerto Rico.

    2. Subsequent reports would claim the boundaries for the triangle stretch anywhere from 500k square miles to 1.5 mil square miles.

  2. Why is it important? / What’s the deal?
    1. The Bermuda Triangle has had strange occurrences that have been documented since “1492 when Columbus sailed the ocean blue”.
      These include various disappearances, paranormal activity, and extraterrestrial incidents.

    2. Columbus sailed through the devil’s triangle on his first journey to the new world, he saw a flame crash into the sea (likely a meteor) and strange lights appear a few weeks later. He also reported strange compass readings(Likely because there is a point in the triangle where true north and magnetic north line up.)

  3. Disappearances
    1. Sea:
      1. 1800 – USS Pickering, 90 people
      2. 1812 – USS Patriot
      3. 1814 – USS Wasp, 140 people
      4. 1824 – USS Wildcat, 14 people
      5. 1918 – USS Cyclops. A 542-foot-long Navy cargo ship with over 300 men and 10,000 tons of manganese ore on board disappeared somewhere between Barbados and Chesapeake bay. Despite being equipped to do so, no SOS signal was ever sent.
      6. 1942 – USS Cyclops sister ships. USS Proteus (AC-9) 58 people and USS Nereus (AC-10) 61 people. Two of the sister ships to the cyclops disappeared along the same route with similar circumstances.
      7. 1963 – SS Marine Sulphur Queen, 39 people
      8. 2015 – Two 14 year old boys on a fishing trip. The 19 foot boat was discovered abandoned.
      9. 2015 –   SS El Faro was missing for exactly one month. Was found 15,000ft below the surface. No bodies were found
    2. Air:
      1. 1945 – 5 Navy bombers. 5 US Navy bombers carrying 14 men disappeared in the triangle. Their compasses malfunctioned and they all got lost. Flying in various directions until running out of fuel and were forced to fall into the sea. A rescue mission was sent out on that day carrying 13 men. They vanished as well.
      2. 1948 –  Douglas DC-3 NC16002 lost with three crew and 36 passengers
      3. 1949 – Avro Tudor G-AGRE Star Ariel lost with seven crew and 13 passengers
      4. 1956 – Martin Marlin lost ten crewmen.
      5. 1962 – USAF KB-50 51-04 65 was lost
      6. 1965 – USAF C-119 Flying Boxcar went missing, debris was found later that year on the beach of Gold Rock Cay.
      7. 1965 – Private ERCoupe F01 lost with pilot and one passenger
      8. 2005 –  Piper-PA-23 disappeared with three people
      9. 2007 – Piper PA-46-310P disappeared with 2 people
      10. 2017 –  A private MU-2B aircraft was at 24,000 feet when it vanished from radar and radio contact. They found debris from the wreck.
    3. Land:
      1. 1969 – Great Isaac Lighthouse in Bermuda. It’s two keepers went missing and were never found.
  4. Scientific Theories:
    1. Methane Gas

      Large amounts of gas is trapped under the sea floor. If this gas is able to escape it makes the water unstable and causes boats to sink like a rock. Research shows that the gas does exist under the sea floor in the Bermuda Triangle.

    2. Sargasso Sea

      This is an area in the ocean surrounded by water currents and has no shore on either side. The winds are relatively calm and the water’s surface is covered in brown seaweed called Sargassum (where the sea gets its name). The current cause the waters to move in a slow circle. Boats that require wind to sail, often would remain completely motionless in these waters due to the lack of wind, and no current to carry them through. Many ships have been discovered here with no passengers on board.

    3. Electromagnetic Fog (Not really all that scientific…)

      Mysterious gray fog that materialize without warning on a ship or aircraft. This fog causes all instruments in the ship or plane to stop working. The fog then follows the machine as it passes through, eventually causing it to disintegrate. This has not been scientifically proven and is thought to be fabricated from the authors who wrote about supernatural elements of the Triangle

    4. Hexagonal clouds

      Odd hexagonal shaped clouds have been observed over the Bermuda Triangle. These clouds are known to cause unnatural fluctuations in pressure and wind drafts. These could possibly be partly at fault for the wrecks.

    5. Magnetic Variation

      The Devil’s Triangle is one of two locations on earth that a compass point will point true north rather than magnetic north. The difference is known as magnetic variation and will cause ships to veer off course if not accounted for.

  5. Fanatical theories:
    1. Space time warp

      Although this theory is quite ridiculous, some people believe that a time portal will randomly open in the triangle and anyone unfortunate enough to be in that location at the time, will be sucked in to be lost forever. This theory “accounts” for the fact that many ships are able to travel through the triangle daily without any issues.

    2. UFO’s

      Yep…enough said…

    3. Atlantis

      Some people believe that the Bermuda Triangle is the location of the lost city of Atlantis. They believe that the people of Atlantis had highly sophisticated technology and some of the remnants still remain. This technology may be disrupting the ship’s electronics and causing them to crash.

    4. Souls of murdered slaves

      In the 18th century, British sea captains defrauded insurance companies by tossing slaves into the ocean to drown, then cashing in on a claim for them. Some people believe that the triangle is cursed by these tortured souls executing their wrath upon the descendants of those who murdered them. It is said that while traveling through the triangle, some people hear the sounds of mournful singing.


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