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People will believe anything they read or hear anymore. Every episode, we pick three random topics to discuss. The catch, one of them is a lie! On the Think on This podcast, we challenge your ability to sniff out fake news. Maybe it’ll help you to learn to question and think critically about some of the information you receive in your everyday life. Join Jon and Austin in this comedic, but educational, podcast designed to get you thinking.


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Just a quick note about the next episode: 9-17-2017

Hey everyone, Just a quick note about the release date of Episode 4: The Bermuda Triangle. We recorded the episode last night and when we got to the editing portion, we realized that my half of the conversation was all messed up. The audio quality was almost unbearable. I’ve since then corrected the issue. We […]

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A little website update.

For security, we have blocked the ability to register as a user on the website. We were getting too many bots containing malware to keep it open.  You can still comment and engage in our posts, but you’ll have to manually enter your information rather than logging in. Sorry for any inconvenience.

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Weekly Wrap-up 9-8-2017

Hey everyone! It’s Austin here with this week’s weekly wrap up. Part one of our discussion about digital currency and it’s viability as a world currency was released last Monday. This was a very difficult topic for us to tackle, but I’m please with the finished product. I think that my initial reservations stemmed from […]

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